Based on observation days and the young horse competition classes, the Swedish Equestrian Federation have annonced the horses which have been nominated to represent Sweden at the 2019 World Breeding Dressage Championships for young horses in Ermelo, Netherlands, on 1-4 August. The definite team will be announced after the 2019 CDIO Falsterbo Horse Show where international young horse classes are being held.

The following combinations have been nominated:

5-year olds

  • Marika Martinsson (SWE) - Biscotti (SWB by Bocelli out of Lucia (F4) by Saigon-Gassendi, breeder Johnny Hagelin)
  • Sandra Sterntorp (SWE) - Bowmore VH (SWB by Skovens Rafael out of Uarda V VH (31) by Akribori-Urbino, breeder Torsten Hansson Häst AB)
  • Yvonne Österholm (FIN) - Demand 1344 (SWB by Ampere out of Delight (F2) 26813 by Don Schufro-Mowgli, breeder Per-Arne Persson).
  • Anna Zibrandtsen (DEN) - Lumiére (SWB by Floricello out of Giovanna (23) 27222 by Gigolo-Nactus, breeder Anette Andersson)
  • Severo Jurado Lopez (ESP) -  Springbank II VH DVH 1262 (SWB by Skovens Rafael out of De la Reinne VH (31) 29644 by De Niro-Rohdiamant, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB)
  • Mia Runesson (SWE) - Winning Round (SWB by Certus NL out of Winfrey by Santiago-Bernstein, breeder Jenny Karlsson)
  • Angelica Byström (SWE) - Zapp VS (SWB by Zack out of Bella Donna (48) 28701 by Don Primero-Amiral, breeder Vikestallet AB)
  • Mia Runesson (SWE) - Zenit (SWB by Zuidenwind out of La Bohème (76) by Don Schufro-Bernstein, breeder Gränsbo Stuteri)

6-year olds

  • Alexandra Papp (SWE) - Castanó (SWB by Zack out of Canella (11) by Richfield-Furioso III, breeder Jeppe Börjesson, Stall Hallhagen)
  • Michelle Nilsson (SWE) - Darin (SWB by Dalwhinnie out of Schakira (23) by Schwadroneur-Magini, breeder Annica Wahlman)
  • Sandra Sterntorp (SWE) - Darthula VH (SWB by Dalwhinnie out of Colette VH (31) 25786 by Corrado WL-Urbino, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB)
  • Hannes Lütt (GER) - Mio FS (SWB by Floricello out of Milano by Hertug-Aleksander, breeder Frykens Sporthästar HB)
  • Cecilia Kristoffersen (SWE) - Skywalker (SWB by Zuidenwind out of Montesse (1) by Bernstein-Ceylon, breeder Mosslunda Dressyrstall)
  • Ida Kristoffersson (SWE) - Zenatello (SWB by Zuidenwind out of La Bohème (76) by Don Schufro-Bernstein, breeder Gränsbo Stuteri)

7-year olds

  • Sara Åhrén (SWE) - Arden (SWB by Don Romantic out of Astoria TH (36) 27172 by Rubignon-Trofé, breeder Sophie Junebro)
  • Jeanna Högberg (SWE) - Astoria (SWB by Sir Donnerhall II out of Aquarell 30071 by Quaterback-Rubinrot, breeder Hipponews KB, Christina Olsson)
  • Mikaela Alderin-Danielsson (SWE) - Belle (SWB by Belamour out of Nyans by Don Schufro-Leuthen I, breeder Gunnel Behre)
  • Yvonne Österholm (FIN) - Diod (SWB by Ampere out of Delight (F2) 26813 by Don Schufro-Mowgli, breeder Per-Arne Persson)
  • Mads Hendeliowitz (SWE) - Florican af Ekeby (SWB by Floricello out of Nouvelle 26971 by Magritte-Good Future, breeder Anders Grandin)
  • Christian Brolin (SWE) - Harvard RAA (SWB by Hofrat out of Wolkenelfe 29328 by Wolkentanz I-Donnerhall, breeder Maria Leijon)
  • Meike Lang (GER) - Icing For U (SWB by Ampere out of Evita for U 30014 by Bocelli-Underworld xx, breeder Ugglarps gård AB)
  • Anna Zibrandtsen (DEN) - Valentin (SWB by Dalwhinnie out of Bella Regazza by Regazzoni-Inschallah x, breeder Helixad AB)