Foundation mare Sominka 20102 was a Holsteiner mare born in Germany 1980 by Mowgli 637 out of Nella 210066376 by Capitano 210398668 - Moltke I 210395167. She was imported to Sweden.

Sominka left 9 offsprings of which two were mares in the Studbook, Sonika 23446 (born 1992 by Calypso I) and diploma mare Sofia 23993 (born 1994 by Cockpit 871).


Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Nelson 993
(born 1996 by Napoleon 625 out of Sonika 23446)


Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
(born 1998 by Amiral 764 out of Sominka 20102) S-level dressage (Sofia Möller)
Ramstein (born 2005 by Rubinrot 1033 out of Semla) S-level dressage (Falk Rosenbauer)


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