24 called the Zolla-family

Foundation mare Zolla 474 / SS II 188 (chestnut, 157 cm) was a Swedish mare born 1890 by Hohenzollern out of Laura by Samhaft. She died 1912.

Zolla 474 / SS II 188 left 16 offspring which of four were mares in the Studbook, Posia 443 (born 1899 by Posideon), Carola  473 (born 1900 by Carrousel xx),  Lona 786 (born 1904 by Le Cygne xx) and Zolla II 1077 (born 1910 by Ocean).

Posia 443 left two mares in the Studbook, Cygnia 442 (born 1905 by Le Cygne xx), Cenia 896 (born 1907 by Le Cygne xx) and one stallion Japos (born 1909 by Janitschar).


Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Japos (born 1909 by Janitschar out of Posia (24) 443)

Successful sport horses out of the mare line:


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