The Swedish Eventing Championships, Segersjö, Sweden august 26-27

Anna Bredberg (SWE) and Easy to Love (SWB born 2001 by Quite Easy out of Feneztra by Robin Z-Bonaparte, breeder Nina Cervin) got a bronze medal.

Lina Forsberg (SWE) and Kaizen (SWB born 2008 by Caressini L out of Madame Butterfly 25444 by Nocturne-Presto xx, breeder Johan Björk) won a gold medal for Young Riders.

Sofia Andersson (SWE) and Gardenia R (SWB born 2008 by Jaguar Mail out of Backsippa by Landlord-Prince Sabo xx, breeder Hans Rosenqvist) got a silver medal.

Moa Nordfjäll (SWE) and Eligius Key (SWB born 2001 by Eighty Eight Keys xx out of Amie (23) 19209 by Robin Z-Herkules, breeder Lena Alvlilja) got a bronze medal.

Saga Suovanen (SWE) and NuEller Aldrie (SWB born 2007 by Carland out of Babuska (F3) 28777 by Billion xx-Chagall, breeder Tord Westergren) got a bronze medal for junior riders.