Based on observation days and the young horse competition classes, the Swedish Equestrian Federation have annonced the horses which have been nominated to represent Sweden at the 2017 World Breeding Dressage Championships for young horses in Ermelo, Netherlands, on 3-6 August. The definite team will be announced after the 2017 CDIO Falsterbo Horse Show where international young horse classes are being held.

The following combinations have been nominated:

5-year olds

  • Jeanna Högberg - Astoria (SWB by Sir Donnerhall II out of Aquarell 30071 by Quaterback-Rubinrot, breeder Hipponews KB, Christina Olsson)
  • Karolin Sjöland - Bravour (SWB by Hermes out of Bellona (33) 29397 by Prestige-Warsteiner, breeder Yddinge Farm AB)
  • Yvonne Österholm - Diod (SWB by Ampere out of Delight (F2) 26813 by Don Schufro-Mowgli, breeder Per-Arne Persson)
  • Mikaela Alderin Danielsson - Hilus MHB (SWB by Johnson out of Lietske by Don Primero-Kommandeur, breeder Madeleine Karlsson and Fredric Spång)
  • Camilla Lindh - Klifton 1329 (SWB by Floricello out of Kabri (37) 28593 by Briar-Cavalotti, breeder Anette Syrén)
  • Philipp Ruwe - Touchdown 1338 (SWB by Quaterback out of La Mour 25810 by Sack-Judex xx, breeder Verbena AB)
  • Ida-Linn Lundholm - Dragon Welt 1303
  • Mia Runesson - Harlem D 1354

6-year olds

  • Lotta Jerhammar Cidheden - Chloé (SWB by Connaisseur out of Stephanie by Sandakan-Good Future, breeder Karin Engström)
  • Yvonne Österholm - Dorina (SWB by Belissino M out of Davina (F2) 28230 by Don Schufro-Come Back II, breeder Per-Arne Persson)
  • Linn Larsson - Lanigro (SWB by Bellagio out of Dramira (F2) 22827 by Amiral-Romeo xx, breeder Marie Kulin)
  • Martin Ågevall - Romeona (SWB by Don Romantic out of Briona (36) by Briar-Bellini, breeder Ann-Sofie Lilja)
  • Sandra Sterntorp - Simmebros Martell (SWB by Insterburg out of Chabot (67) by First Wish-Palermo, breeder Ulrika Bynander)
  • Karin Öljemark - Tiger G (SWB by Tuschinki out of Abigail G (8) by Sir Donnerhall I-Good Future, breeder Åsa Elner Warnegård)
  • Malin Rinné - Zinzano (SWB by Connaisseur out of Zorella (F2) 25552 by Amiral-Chagall, breeder Pia Jacobsson and Björn Jansson)
  • Mattias Jansson - Görklintgårds Quinto 1362

7-year olds

  • Mads Hendeliowitz - Autograf Q (SWB by Ampere out of Udith 29109 by Jazz-Kafu xx, breeder Nils-Gunnar Hansson)
  • Mikaela Alderin Danielsson - Bossanova YL (SWB by Bocelli out of Lozitta B 25864 by Lobo-Lagano, breeder Yvonne Sterntorp-Ingvarsson)
  • Yvonne Österholm - Fiera Girl (SWB by Faustinus out of Dolce Vita TH (36) 29568 by Rubinrot-Chirac, breeder Malin Myrman)
  • Andreas Helgstrand - Springbank VH (SWB by Skovens Rafael out of De la Reinne VH (31) 29644 by De Niro-Rohdiamant, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB)